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a2z logo 1 copySindhudurg is a coastal District in Maharashtra, India and located at west coastal region of the country. This small District is a well known for its natural beauty, beautiful beaches, historical forts, beautiful temples, green forests and waterfalls.This district is famous for wonderful forts and having highest number of 37 forts.

Sindhudurg is also popular for another tourism attraction “Sindhudurg Fort” which was built in 17TH Century. The name is of Sindhudurg District is given by the name of Sindhudurg Fort. Previously, it was the part of Rantangiri District now it is a separate administrative district. Now Sindhudurg District belongs to eight Taluka places Vaibhavwadi, Kankavli, Kudal, Malvan, Vengurla, Devgad, Sawantwadi, and Dodamarg.

The district has most of the coastal area of Arabian Sea with picturesque beaches. Every year thousands of tourists from around the world visit to this place because of its nature endowed beauty. Sindhudurg fort was constructed by Great Maratha Warrior Shivaji Maharaj and built in Arabian Sea, close to Malvan City. This is also a good example of archaeological site where you can see the great history of Maratha Empire.

You can taste the famous Mango, Cashew nuts in summer season, and then of course, there is also Mango festival where you can taste the real taste of Alphonso Mango.

Malvani Cuisine is a famous cuisine in India, and Sindhudurg is known for its Malvani Cuisine. Coconut, Rice and Fish Curry are in the Malavani cuisine, and you can taste in any local restaurants in reasonable rates.

It has also declared as first tourism district by Government of Maharashtra. With 100% of literacy rate, it is also most developing region in the state. The district place and Taluka level places are well connected through rest of the region by Railway System and roads. National Highway 17 and Konkan Railway passes through this district. Major railway stations Kankvali, Kudal and Sawnatwadi are close the adjacent towns and with well connected local transport.

Accommodation in Sindhudurg:

The major deluxe and medium sized budget hotels are in the District. Some of the hotels are close to the towns and famous tourist spots, so any one can make the single day tour from the hotel place. These hotels have good restaurants, so you can taste the real food of Kokan.These hotels are with homely environment and sufficient with modern amenities.Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation is also operating excellent properties with good amenities for tourists.

Best Season to Visit Sindhudurg.

The climate of Sindhudurg is semi tropical and humid. During the summer season it is warm and heavy rainfall during monsoon season. The best time to visit the place is winter .Winter season starts from November to February. Climate conditions are very cool in this season and temperatures reach to 20 degree Celsius. Summer season is very hot and during monsoon season it is very difficult to travel because of heavy rainfall, but if you are interested in adventurous sports ,then you can really enjoy the place. It has various spots like Amboli, Napne waterfall where you can visit in monsoon season.

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Exotic Places to Visit in Sindhudurg:

Malvan,Kankavali,Kudal Sawantwadi,Amboli,Vengurla,Devgad

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